Son­komu­sic is a Ger­man sin­ger, song­wri­ter, com­po­ser and sound engi­neer. Influ­en­ced by sounds from around the world and having worked with many inter­na­tio­nal artists throughout his care­er, he is set­ting out on a new jour­ney to share this vast musi­cal expe­ri­ence with the world.

Son­komu­sic has owned several Stu­di­os sin­ce the 80s inclu­ding “Yes Stu­dio” in Dakar (Sene­gal) later in Ita­ly, India and now in Ber­lin. He pro­du­ced many Hip­Hop artists, tra­di­tio­nal sin­gers, pop and soul per­for­mers and made a gol­den record a while ago. Now, it’s his time to be out the­re in the front and sing his songs …


Son­komu­sic is about crea­ting uplif­ting sounds, mea­ning­ful lyrics, that reflect the time and events hap­pe­ning around us. And of cour­se, to inspi­re you, empower you and make you see life from a dif­fe­rent  perspective. 

The rela­xed and warm atmo­s­phe­re in the Songs makes one feel at home.


Music can make us dream and even fly. Son­komu­sic is a sto­ry tel­ler and an ambassa­dor for peace. 

Music is much more than Music indus­try robots and cal­cu­la­tors. To me, it is a way of life and free­dom of speech. And it has the power to touch mil­li­ons of hearts around the world. 

Life can be very hard for some of us some­ti­mes. But with good songs and nice melo­dies, all seems to be a bit easier.

„It’s important to speak out the things which are important to our lives. A sin­ger who has not at least a poli­ti­cal stand­point is not a real com­ple­te artist in my opi­ni­on. Per­forming on sta­ges is alrea­dy a bles­sing. But i feel like it’s also an obli­ga­ti­on to fight against injus­ti­ce and for a bet­ter world …“
says Son­komu­sic.


Music is out on Spo­ti­fy, Apple Music, iTunes, Instagram/Facebook, Ama­zon, Dee­zer,  MediaNet

Clips are coming …